My take on Pnoy’s slamming of Kabayan in TV Patrol’s Silver Anniversary

I will go straightforward with my stance, the same way as Pnoy did during the 25th Anniversary celebration of TV Patrol last July 27, 2012 at the Manila Hotel. I commend the President for being frank and straightforward to what he believe is true and to the best interest of the nation. I can see a great spirit of Lee Kuan Yew in his persona, being fierce, honest and  candid.

I am seeing a very responsible leader with President Benigno Aquino III. And I deem, with these characters, we are going in a right track.

De Castro’s Negativity

Pnoy criticized former Vice President Noli ‘Kabayan’ De Castro during his speech at the  25th anniversary celebration of TV Patrol. The President intensely delivered his critique on Kabayan, the prime news achor of the newscast since its inception in 1987 and until 2001 when he entered politics and then again in November 2010 after he step down as V, despite his presence in the event.

Pnoy, without a blink of an eye, used the occasion to criticize De Castro for supposed baseless speculation, and commentaries against the administration despite his own stint in government.

The President did not name De Castro but referred to a TV Patrol anchor who is an ex-government official.

Napaisip nga po ako: ‘yung nagkomento nito, hindi ba’t anim na taon ding tumangan sa renda ng gobyerno? Sabihin na po nating minana lang din nila ang problema; ‘di hamak mas luma naman ang ipinamana nilang problema sa amin.”

Anim na taon ang ipinagkaloob sa kanya para tumulong sa pagsasaayos ng mismong inireklamo niya. Pero ngayon, tayo na nga ang may bitbit na problema, tayo na nga ang tutugon dito, pero masakit nga ho, may gana pang hiritan ng nagpamana?”

Kabayan started his career as a broadcast journalist. He became Senator in 2001, and was the Vice President of former President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo from 2004 to 2010. After his stint in politics, De Castro returned to media, reclaiming his spot as the top anchor of TV Patrol.

Aquino has blamed the Arroyo administration for corruption in government.

Pnoy criticized De Castro in front of ABS-CBN executives including chairman and CEO Gabby Lopez, some Cabinet officials, and ABS-CBN employees.


Has done not much as VP? (Kabayan in one of his interviews during his VP days.)

Not the first time.

This is not the first time Aquino lambasted a person in his presence. In December 2011, the President took a swipe at then Chief Justice Renato Corona, who was sitting only a few steps away from him during a summit on the criminal justice system.

Aquino started his speech by congratulating TV Patrol, commending its growth from the Radyo Patrol days of his youth.Pnoy uttered in vernacular, “And here we are today, celebrating the silver anniversary of one of the strongest institutions in broadcasting: TV Patrol.”

Pnoy then talked about the gains under his administration. Yet he went on by critiquing the news reporting of the show and citing instances when he said De Castro voiced “raw opinion and speculation.”

Aquino said that in an October 2011 story on TV Patrol, a reporter talked about the increase in passenger arrivals at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3. The President said that De Castro then retorted, “Nasa NAIA 3 ka kasi; kung nasa NAIA 1 ka, doon malala.” 

The President said that in another instance, the same anchor insinuated that a rescue operation of the National Bureau of Investigation was just a set-up and the kidnappers were paid ransom to release the foreign child.

Aquino said, “Sabi nga ho ng nanonood kong kasama, ‘Naman.’ Kami pa po mismo ang magagalak kung makakapaghain kayo ng kapirasong ebidensya ukol dito.” (My companion said, ‘Wow.’ We will be happy if you can show a piece of evidence about this.)

At this point, Aquino alluded to De Castro’s signature opening line.

“May naitutulong po ba ang mga walang-basehang spekulasyon?…Kung alam mong opinion-maker ka, alam mo rin dapat na mayroon kang responsibilidad. Sana po, sa tuwing sasabihin nating, and I quote, ‘magandang gabi, bayan,’ ay totoong hinahangad nating maganda ang gabi ng bayan.’”

Frank President.

In the second half of his speech, Aquino reiterated his call for media to be balanced in reporting, and stop what he called “daily negativism.”

The President said media plays a major role in presenting an image of the Philippines to foreigners and Filipinos overseas. Aquino even compared the news to a horror film series.

Kung isa po kayo sa 10 milyon nating kababayan na nagsasakripisyo sa ibayong-dagat, gaganahan kaya kayong bumalik dito kung mas nakakasindak pa sa Shake, Rattle and Roll ang balita sa telebisyon?” (If you are one of 10 million Filipinos sacrificing abroad, would you be encouraged to return here if the news on TV was scarier than Shake, Rattle and Roll?)

After minutes of awkward silence from the audience, Aquino capped his speech by asking for understanding.

“Ako po’y pagpasensyahan ninyo kung masyadong prangka nagsalita ngayong gabi. Maganda na ho siguro ‘yung totoo ang sabihin para magkaunawaan tayo nang maliwanag. Muli po, binabati ko ang TV Patrol sa inyong ika-25 kaarawan.” (Pardon me if I was too frank this evening. Maybe it’s good to speak the truth so that we understand each other clearly. Again, I greet TV Patrol a happy 25th anniversary.)

ABS-CBN’s take.

 ABS-CBN head of News and Current Affairs Ging Reyes responded to the President’s tirade, in a report aired on ABS-CBN’s late-night newscast Bandila,

“Walang bad feelings, walang pikunan at kami’y naniniwala na marami naman din talagang babatikos sa atin dahil di lahat matutuwa sa ating binabalita at nilalabas sa TV Patrol.” (No bad feelings and we believe that there will really be many critics because not everyone will be happy with what we report and come out with on TV Patrol.)

Social Media Fury.

The ex-VP’s daughter, Katherine ‘Kat’de Castro seemingly was not able to take the heat and spread her anger towards the president in her twitter and Facebook account right after Pnoy’s slamming of her father.


Ex-VP’s daughter reacts to Pnoy’s slamming of Kabayan.

Ironically, Kat de Castro posted an entry that Pnoy should have gotten out if he can’t take the heat. Seemingly, Kat de casto is the one who cannot take the heat.

Kat de Castro was also a former correspondent/reporter of TV Patrol and Magandang Gabi Bayan, and a host of her defunct program ‘Trip na Trip’.

Kat de Castro is notable party-girl who often gets tipsy and drunk in various bars and pubs within the Metro. Seemingly this daughter of the former Vice-President has forgotten that his father has done not much during his 6-year term as Vice President of the country and even involved in the highly controversial Globe Asiatic fiasco on Xevera Residences loans and other properties of GA.

What the author has to say. 

1.Kabayan should be booted out from any news programs be it on TV or radio since his opinions will always be biased, tainted and political.

2. If ABS-CBN would retain de Castro, he should only deliver straight news and not to cast any side comments which his views may be favorable towards him and against his political views and his political opponents in the past.

3. Have you heard when Kabayan’s co-anchors deliver the Globe Asiatique news? Watch what is his facial reactions after the camera focuseson him to deliver the succeeding news items. Even when corruption charges against the past administration or any other news that is detrimental to GMA and her cohorts.(Why can’t he emulate Pinky Webb,who inhibits herself when the Vizconde case is being reported)


Kabayan, during her term as Vice President, as seen with then President Gloria M. Arroyo.

4. Kabayan often reacts negatively on positive news about the current government and when the past administration is being criticized and bombarded in the news items. He even makes untoward faces when corruption of past administration is being newscast.

5. Kabayan should first learn how to pronounce the word Special, the former country name Zaire and the feminine name Chloe correctly. he is such a pain in the ears.

6. Kabayan should first clear his name in the GA scandal before he should be given any post in anchoring any newscast or magazine show.

7. Pnoy should be commended for not being a backstabber. He hits his mark right in front of you.

8. Kat de Castro should shut her mouth up. I understand you are Kabayan‘s daughter but you must not forget that if your father has the right to cast criticism, the President also has his right to cast his. So, why should you whine? At least the President did not stab your dad at his back.

9. Kat de Castro should first stop partying hard and drinking too much.  One thing I can tell you: “Quit smoking. Stop drinking.And get regular exercise.” And please do not give us your quotes which have no wisdom at all. Wisdom comes from people who have lived exemplary way of living and thumbmarked worth emulating lifestyle. You can never be that. Not even your dad. what has he done to curtail, or at least to minimize, the excessive corruption during Arrroyo’s regime? Nothing. Kabayan was never a critique but seemingly an ally. And now, he can just easily go back to newscasting? Duh!


Kat de Castro. The ex-VP’s daughter who loves to party a lot. At least she is sober in this photo.

10. Pnoy should be admired well for being frank and honest.I never saw a leader who can dish out just what he think is right at any places, or should I say, at the most apposite venue.

11. ABS-CBN should boot Kabayan out of TV Patrol before it’s too late. Kabayan is almost the figure of TV patrol. But gone are the days that he is apolitical. Events and things can never be reverted. Kabayan’s situation is now way too different than 25 years ago.

12. Not all Filipinos are ass-lickers. We get our education rightly and do not just go with popular people. I, myself, have never cast any vote to Kabayan in his entire political career and am proud of that. If Kat de Castro or even Noli would disagree, I challenge them for a quiz bee. Or even a simple spelling bee. I doubt if they can beat me. They can even ask Kim Atienza to back them up.

13. Freedom of expression is never limited nor exclusive  to press people. The president also has his right to freely express his opinions. Why should media people react as if they own freedom of speech and of expression. If they can cast commentaries, they themselves should be ready to be criticized. Afterall, not all their opinions are correct and true.

Nota Bene:

With excerpts from

The opinions expressed here are solely of the author and it is part of his freedom of speech. Any violent reactions are welcome.


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