SONA 2012: A statement of Hopes and Positivity

July 23, 2012 marked the 3rd State-of-the-Nation-Address (SONA) of his Excellency President Benigno Simeon C. Aquino III , who, we colloquially called PNoy.

His pronouncements were so bold, precise, ambitious (in some aspects) and vernacular. I can say, this SONA is one of the heftiest, meatiest and truthful in the last 2 or 3 decades of Philippine politics.

The figures cited for his administration’s performance over the last 25months are extremely overwhelming. From the incessant increment in PhilHealth coverage, to the increase of Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) funds beneficiaries, AFP-PNP housing projects, modernization of the Armed Forces, arming each and every police with a gun (not any batuta), one is to one ratio of public school student against books and chairs, and the zero backlog in classrooms by 2015, among others.

The current figures saw staggering number of accomplishments with a very tight budget, yet was able to accomplish it. The savings incurred from excessive corruption in infrastructure projects (unlike the extremely bloated Quantity Take Offs of government infrastructure projects during the past administration) are translated into improvement of basic government services – that is access to food, health,  transportation and education. Indeed, this is something to rejoice about. The un-padded budgets, less SOPs give our fellow Filipinos the opportunity to enjoy the taxes they pay, and to rise the poorest of the poor from extreme poverty and destitution.

What is left for us to doubt the perseverance of this government to change the political and economic landscape of the Philippines? In two years time, we have seen the unrelenting effort of this administration to mushroom the basic of all basic needs of the Filipino people.

The ironing out of the system is not an easy process. Indeed, arduous, with all the obstacle of institutionalized culture of corruption, Pnoy has paved way to a new light in governance and bureaucracy. Sweeping the government from sick politicians, retaining the good and opening opportunities for new faces to public service.

We have seen transparency in public bidding of government projects, especially DPWH’s, DOTC’s among others. Gone are the days of “lutong-Macao na bidding” wherein the public bidding announced in broadsheets are mere “show”, that there are already winning contractors to certain big government projects.  From this, the people’s money are properly dispensed and used. We have our taxes rightfully brought back to us for infrastructure development and basic services.

The projection of Pnoy’s administration until 2015 is absolutely very ambitious. The re-negotiation of North Rail in order to improve our railroad system, extending all the way to the south, covering commuters from Cavite and Las Pinas area, the new road network or sky-way system that would link Bulacan, Angeles and Southern Tagalog to the Metro in just an hour travel would facilitate easy access of people and trades. All these, not mentioning the plan to relocate all provincial bus terminals to one site outside EDSA to de-congest the busiest road network in the entire country.

The projections are fantastic and almost a reverie. But am seeing a fulfillment. The direction this government is trodding is seemingly good and continuous. The reviews of international finance organizations, banks, credit companies, critiques, observers, etc are overwhelming. The country has never received such great accolades the past 20 years.

The only thing left for me is to stay positive and continue my share as a patriotic citizen of this country. Whilst the government is working hard to reach and bring all the goods and good news to the downtrodden, I, as its citizen, am also duty-bound to do my share in nation-building; that is, be productive, maximize my potentials, influence and inspire people to do the same.

If each one of us would stick our butts out of our couches and seats, we can individually have contributions for this nation. We should not always toil for money or personal gain. What we do, in our own little ways, whether compensated or not, shall build a stronger and flourishing nation, with which we shall greatly and wholistically benefit at the end of the day.

Pnoy’s government is a ray of light. I have never been happy and proud to be a Filipino than today. I feel elated and overwhelmed. Pnoy’s government excites me day by day- that i don’t have to feel personal progress to say this government is doing well. I just open my eyes everyday and see what are the positive differences we notice each day in our surroundings. There are lots of them. I may be the last one to benefit from the efforts of this government, but I will never say, Pnoy is not doing good, or is lazy or is Abnoy.

Pnoy may not be a Pulitzer awardee, or a Summa Cum Laude or a Harvard graduate, but he himself is an epitome of a persevering and honest  President.

On other notes, I am just a little sad that his SONA missed a word on the Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), climate change and the future of renewable energy for sustainable, reliable and cheaper power whilst saving the environment. We have tons of renewable energy potentials – wind, solar and hydro (mini, micro and other forms of hydro electric power)

Otherwise, his SONA would have been perfect.

I rate him 9.16/9.99, like how they score in the Olympics.

Should I disagree on Pnoy’s vindication of chasing those who have wronged the Filipino nation and put them to justice? No. I will have to agree with him. We can forgive, but never forget!


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